Xavier Zuniga Reviews PowR PeleT

Hi!  It’s Xavier Zuniga, your intrepid and overly generous Warehouse Manager.  I’ve been busy in the testing center once again.  In continuing on my alphabetical journey I arrived at PowR PeleT.  PowR PeleT is not one of our big sellers so I was quite curious to test it and see how it ranked for me personally.  I had my most reliable volunteer with me for the testing so the only unknown quality was the PowR PeleT itself.  Well, I had two volunteers if you count my Cutler X cuddly toy, so it was sure to be a great time with or without the help of the PowR PeleT, but I was hoping for really great and whole scale hole incursion happiness to be the result of adding PowR PeleT to a well-oiled and familiar machine.

I was very impressed with my experience of PowR PeleT and I don’t understand why it isn’t a bigger sales hit, especially given that it is effective in the classic sense while also being one of the most attractively priced poppers that we sell.

As if often the case, there is a very slight time delay from the moment you start cleaning with PowR PeleT until you really feel the warm strength of the product.  I knew immediately that this was going to be a great testing session and true to that knowledge I had one of my most effective, thorough, even sort of fantastically savage, deep cleaning with PowR PeleT.

PowR PeleT proved to suit me and my cleaning needs quite well and know that I will be reaching for it in the future.  PowR PeleT comes in on the stronger end of the spectrum but I can also easily say that I have tested stronger stuff, just not at this price point.  We sell a set that includes PowR PeleT as well as Mr Chaps and Mr Wonderful which gives you a great all-in-one box ranging from beginning to the end in terms of cleaning strengths and processes.  I would rank PowR PeleT between the two other products.   For me personally, PowR PeleT would find a place in my use pattern in the middle of a cleaning session when I need to keep up the interest but I don’t yet want to finish the job, but I do believe that PowR PeleT would indeed be strong enough to serve as a final step for those dealing with less stubborn stains.

Stay tuned to us here at Best.PoppersNear.me for the latest “popping” news, product descriptions and reviews.  I intend to hit the testing center again soon to continue my alphabetical journey through out inventory and quite the inventory it is too with 48 different products.   My next adventure will be Pride, a “sleeper” brand that we don’t sell a lot of, so I am wondering how it will stack up in the overall field.  Perhaps it is a hidden gem, perhaps not, but I will find out!

I thank you for following my adventures in the testing center and beyond!

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