Xavier Zuniga Reviews Nitro Supra Extra Strength

Hi!  It’s Xavier Zuniga, your intrepid and overly generous Warehouse Manager.  I’ve been busy in the testing center once again.  In continuing on my alphabetical journey I came to Nitro Supra Extra Strength.  Nitro Supra Extra Strength is not one of our big sellers so I was quite curious to test it and see how it ranked.  I had my most reliable volunteer with me for the testing so the only unknown quality was the Nitro itself.  Well, I had two volunteers if you count my Cutler X cuddly toy, so it was sure to be a great time with or without the help of the Nitro, but I was hoping for really great and whole scale hole incursion happiness to be the result of adding Nitro to a well-oiled and familiar machine.

My experience of Nitro Supra Extra Strength is best summed up in one word:  WOW!  From the moment I popper open the bottle I knew I was in for something special, and I still had my shorts on!

Nitro Supra Extra Strength has a fairly distinct odor and I personally like that in a popper since I equate some level of scent with a level of strength even though I know from experience that some of the lowest odor cleaners provide the biggest punch.  But the scent is one I grew up with so I find it comforting and familiar.

There is a very slight time delay from the moment you start cleaning with Nitro Supra Extra Strength until you really perceive its strength which is formidable.  I knew right away I was in for a great cleaning session when that first wave hit me.  The effect was lingering, not as long as with some other products, but you do get a decent bang per application.

Nitro Supra Extra Strength served me very well indeed and I look forward to using it again the future.  In terms of placement in the solvent cleaner tool box I would rank it toward the stronger end although I have tested stronger in my time.  That said, for me personally, Nitro Supra Extra Strength would find a place in my use pattern in the beginning if I need a bit of a boost because I am distracted or tired, not entirely yet focused on the moment and again toward the end when I am really ready to lift that stain because Nitro Supra Extra Strength was certainly capable of providing the extra boost for me to achieve lift off.

Stay tuned to us here at Best.PoppersNear.me for the latest “popping” news, product descriptions and reviews.  I intend to hit the testing center again soon to continue my alphabetical journey through out inventory and quite the inventory it is too with 48 different products.   My next adventure will be Pig Sweat, and very popular brand with which I have some familiarity but about which I have never published a review, which I found strange but an excuse to use more poppers in the Testing Center is always a good thing in my view!

I thank you for following my adventures in the testing center and beyond!

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