Xavier Zuniga Reviews Double Scorpio Sapphire

Hello everyone, it’s Xavier Zuniga, your intrepid, adventurous, and always generous Warehouse Manager and Product Tester here at Best Poppers Near Me, and I hope you had an amazing Thanksgiving. Here at Best Poppers Near Me we remain, as always, most thankful for our loyal fans and customers.  You make it all possible.  I am concluding my journey through the land of Double Scorpio products, most recently test driving the Sapphire variety.  Once again Double Scorpio manages to produce a winner with the Sapphire product. Somehow the guys at Double Scorpio take an industry wide standard starter material and turn it into something unique and special.

In line with the majority of the Double Scorpio line that I have tested, Double Scorpio Sapphire does not have a distinctive “popper” odor.  Sometimes this is a bad sign, an indication that the product is old and stale with no real kick.  But have no fear here for this is just a characteristic of the Double Scorpio brand.  Once you try them you’ll quickly realize that they are not old or stale.

As has been true before with the Double Scorpio experience, there was no ramp up, rather, suddenly, like I had ridden an elevator instead of an escalator, I arrived at the most pleasant stopping point.  From my perspective, and remember that I use a LOT of poppers in my work, and yeah, I have a personal life too, so my standards or requirements may well be higher than someone less acclimated to the chemicals, Double Scorpio Sapphire let me off at exactly the floor I wanted for a sustained effect that wasn’t overpowering, meaning I was able to keep cleaning without finishing too soon but the work was decidedly enhanced by the Sapphire product.

Double Scorpio Sapphire provides an experience that is similar to the other products in the Double Scorpio family that I have tested.  The effect was subtle but effective, there was no headache and no sudden rush but rather an almost imperceptible onset that was simply smooth.  Neil commented that it doesn’t seem fair to call Double Scorpio “poppers” but we just don’t have another word that works as of yet.

Again, I’m going back to what I said when reviewing Double Scorpio Black about the old Delta SkyClub sign, “Spirits Elevated.”  I think of Double Scorpio as “Poppers Elevated.”  Personally, I am having a hard time going back to the more “regular” popper experience after testing the Double Scorpio line.

And yes, the most common complaint is true: Double Scorpio is SO expensive on your site.  The reason for that is because Double Scorpio is by far the most expensive line of cleaners for us to acquire even on a wholesale level.  And yes, you can buy Double Scorpio products cheaper elsewhere but you do so at your own risk.  Remember, EVERYTHING can and will be counterfeited these days and we GUARANTEE your satisfaction with what we sell or we will replace it free of charge.  And we have amazing customer service representatives so we actually answer your phone calls live and your emails the day we receive them.  We take extra care in our packaging to ensure your product arrives safely and discretely.  And we ship EVERYWHERE the USPS delivers via your choice of First Class Mail (1-7 days), Priority Mail (1-3 days) and even Priority Mail Express (1-2 days guaranteed).  And every shipment is fully trackable.  No other vendor offers these advantages so if we are bit more expensive it is because we are going that extra mile or two to be certain you have an excellent experience.

I am sort of sad to have completed the very satisfying testing process with the Double Scorpio product line but I am also excited to keep moving forward as we have many more incredibly effective and sexy products yet to review here at Best.Poppersnear.me so stay tuned for the latest “popping” news, product descriptions and reviews.

And, I thank you for following my adventures in the testing center and beyond!

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