Xavier Zuniga Reviews Double Scorpio Gold

Hi!  It’s your dedicated and generous Warehouse Manager, Xavier Zuniga.  I’ve been back in the testing center once again and this time I was trying out the absolute Lamborghini of the poppers world: Double Scorpio Gold!

Double Scorpio is an expensive option, but one with a very loyal fan base that keeps us headed back to the distributor for more and more product so we can continue to meet demand.  A plus for you the customer is that our high turnover means that the Double Scorpio product you buy from us is the freshest it can be.

Unlike the other Double Scorpio products I have tested, Double Scorpio Gold does have a distinctive scent that I can’t quite put a name to, but it is very pleasant, maybe a bit floral.  Despite the odor not be the usual “popper scent” have no fear, these are not old or stale.  As has been true before with the Double Scorpio experience, there was no ramp up, rather, suddenly, like I had ridden an elevator instead of an escalator, I arrived at the most pleasant stopping point.

Double Scorpio Gold provides an experience that is similar to the other products in the Double Scorpio family that I have tested but it is really a step above any of them.  The effect was subtle but effective, there was no headache and no sudden rush but rather an almost imperceptible onset that was smooth as Scotch on ice.  Neil commented that it doesn’t seem fair to call Double Scorpio, and especially not the Gold experience, “poppers” but we just don’t have another word that works as of yet.

Again, I’m going back to what I said when reviewing Double Scorpio Black about the old Delta SkyClub sign, “Spirits Elevated.”  I think of Double Scorpio as “Poppers Elevated.”  Personally, I am having a hard time going back to the more “regular” popper experience after testing the Double Scorpio line.

And yes, the most common complaint is true: Double Scorpio is SO expensive on your site.  The reason for that is because Double Scorpio is by far the most expensive line of cleaners for us to acquire even on a wholesale level.  And yes, you can buy Double Scorpio products cheaper elsewhere but you do so at your own risk.  Remember, EVERYTHING can and will be counterfeited these days and we GUARANTEE your satisfaction with what we sell or we will replace it free of charge.  And we have amazing customer service representatives so we actually answer your phone calls live and your emails the day we receive them.  We take extra care in our packaging to ensure your product arrives safely and discretely.  And we ship EVERYWHERE the USPS delivers via your choice of First Class Mail (1-7 days), Priority Mail (1-3 days) and even Priority Mail Express (1-2 days guaranteed).  And every shipment is fully trackable.  No other vendor offers these advantages so if we are bit more expensive it is because we are going that extra mile or two to be certain you have an excellent experience.

I am so excited to continue the review process of the thus far AMAZING Double Scorpio product line so stay tuned to us here at Poppers4U for the latest “popping” news, product descriptions and reviews.  Next up is another Double Scorpio product, probably Honey, so let’s hope its effect is as sweet as its name.

And, I thank you for following my adventures in the testing center and beyond!


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