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Xavier Zuniga Reviews Mr Wonderful

Mr. Wonderful is an extremely low odor product such that I was not convinced at first that the bottle wasn’t a dud. This impression was not improved given a certain lag time with Mr. Wonderful so some patience is involved. You will want to start your cleaning process earlier than you might otherwise be accustomed to when first using Mr. Wonderful. That said, once Mr. Wonderful kicks in it is wonderful indeed. The effect, while delayed, was excellent and it allowed my volunteer to get into some new parts of me that no other cleaner has yet allowed. I would rate Mr. Wonderful as a medium to strong cleaner and I do think that Mr. Wonderful would satisfy most buyers in most situations.

Xavier Zuniga Reviews Mr Chaps

My experience of Mr Chaps, spread over two different testing sessions, was of a solid and decent product. I rate it as a mild to medium in intensity but for the situation I was in when testing, being the recipient of a nice, slow, long, cleaning of some delicate parts, it was perfect.
Mr Chaps is a low-odor product but it packs a solid punch that comes on subtle. Mr Chaps isn’t going to overwhelm you but it does have a desirable effect, quite similar to the most common results when using solvent cleaners. I think Mr Chaps would satisfy most buyers in most situations.

Xavier Zuniga Reviews Double Scorpio Sapphire

Double Scorpio Sapphire provides an experience that is similar to the other products in the Double Scorpio family that I have tested. The effect was subtle but effective, there was no headache and no sudden rush but rather an almost imperceptible onset that was simply smooth. Neil commented that it doesn’t seem fair to call Double Scorpio “poppers” but we just don’t have another word that works as of yet.

Xavier Zuniga Reviews Double Scorpio Gold

Again, I’m going back to what I said when reviewing Double Scorpio Black about the old Delta SkyClub sign, “Spirits Elevated.” I think of Double Scorpio as “Poppers Elevated.” Personally, I am having a hard time going back to the more “regular” popper experience after testing the Double Scorpio line.

Xavier Zuniga Reviews Leather Eagle

At this time, Leather Eagle doesn’t have a large following and that is a shame since it really is a good product, one that belongs in the back pocket of all Leather folks as well as those who are generally fans of a good popper product at a good price.

Xavier Zuniga Reviews Jungle Juice Plus Original

My experience of Jungle Juice Plus Original was of a solid and decent product. I rate it as a mild to medium. To be clear, I don’t think that a product rated mild to medium is an inherently bad product, rather it is one that has some specific situations in which it is ideal.

Xavier Zuniga Reviews Double Scorpio Honey

Once again Double Scorpio manages to produce a winner with the Honey product. Somehow the guys at Double Scorpio take an industry wide standard starter material and turn it into something unique and special.

Xavier Zuniga Review Jungle Juice Platinum

I definitely rate Jungle Juice Platinum at the high end in regards to my personal satisfaction and I will be back for more.  I think Jungle Juice Platinum is a fine choice for both more experienced users and for newcomers who want to experience straight out one of the strongest, but still subtle, brands we sell.  I think one of the biggest differences between Gold and Platinum is that Platinum is a bit more of a nuanced cleaner in that it doesn’t seem to hit as hard as Gold and yet the effect is similar if not superior.  Platinum doesn’t need to hit you over the head to be effective but instead is more of a smooth operator who gets you were you want to go without it seeming to take any real effort.

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